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          .:Upto35                  .:DamHouse 
         .:BitterSweet            .:BAires  
          .:Prison                    .:Bat 
          .:PDC                       .:Burlesque 
          .:Rubber                   .:Splash 
          .:Oil                          .:Hotel
          .:Snakes                   .:DarkSide 
          .:DamBath                   .:Typos 
::Project | Description::

::BitterSweet | Installation, NYC 2008 @ SuperFront::

Under the notions of perversion without negotiating. With any spatial border of the space this Bitter Orgasm of gravity emerges. Exploration of form takes place through accumulation of transparent stockings and reflective latex. An experiment of tension through a water anchoring systemcreates a performative quality that produces certain equilibrium. The place is inhabited with the affect of transparent drapery on sweet accessories.


4km of Nylon | 1000 Balloons | 250 Water Balloons | 500 Black Pantyhose | 100 Meters of pink rope | 35 Screws

Nefeli Chatzimina
Erick Carcamo

Chris Booth

Eirini Tsachrelia

Camille Clavery
Leah Nanpei
Jonathas Valle
Elizabeth Bueno

Rose Castillo
Brandon Komoda
Manolis Stavrakakis
Thanassis Manis
Prae lorvidhaya
Kevin Kuziola
Diego Barrero
Raven Migliaccio
Eric Buckley
David Morace
Justin Costa
Jay Tsai
Wilson Aldehondo
John Im
Charlie Portelli
Kathleen Locke

::BitterSweet:: > X|Principals :. Nefeli Chatzimina | Erick Carcamo